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Wing Chun Universe Rosebud is open 1 day a week and operates through the school holidays. If you have any question, require further information or would like to come in for a free trial lesson, please don't hesitate to contact us between the opening hours displayed below.

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Wing Chun Universe Rosebud
Factory 2
8 Colchester Road,
Rosebud, 3939
Telephone: 0433 913 213

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About Wing Chun Universe Rosebud

Wing Chun Universe was established in Melbourne in 2006 with the Rosebud academy run by Master Joe Sayah. Master Joe Sayah believes that for students to truly embrace Wing Chun they need to set achievable goals. Master Joe ensures that an instructor meets with all new students to better understand what they hope to achieve by undertaking training in Wing Chun. From day one a student training is tailored to help them achieve the goals that they set for themselves.

Wing Chun Universe Rosebud Reviews

"I was taken aback by the quality of training and facilities provided by Master Joe Sayah. He is a true professional who has earned the merit of Master and focuses his attention on the goals that you set yourself. If you are looking for a teacher and mentor to take you from white belt through to black belt and you live on Mornington Peninsula then Master Joe Sayah is your man."