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Kids Wing Chun classes

Wing Chun Rosebud academy has simple and fun kids programs specially designed to improve your child's focus, concentration, coordination, reflexes, self-confidence, discipline, respect, and ability to defend themselves when necessary. These skills will benefit them, at school and at home, for the rest of their lives. The coordinated movements unique to wing chun stimulate the left and right cerebral hemispheres, accelerating the motor functions, resulting in enhanced hand/eye coordination and reflexes, as well as improved memory and learning functions.

Our Rosebud wing chun academy creates discipline in children. This discipline comes in the form of focus, concentration and respect for ones self and others. These are all skills taught through their training that carries over to other parts of their life, including home, school, and work. Put these together and you have someone who shows discipline, confidence and respect. All of our instructors are certified under Master Joe Sayah and have Working with Children cards. We welcome parents to bring along their children to try out a free class and start benefiting today!

Kung Fu kids training